Can I book my session on the weekend?

All sessions take place on weekdays. Weekend appointments may be available for an additional fee, but weekend availability is NOT guaranteed. Please plan accordingly for a weekday appointment.. My clients love to treat themselves to a day off so that they can pamper themselves and enjoy their session without rushing! <3

Is hair and makeup included?

Professional hair and makeup is included for Missouri clients. This service can be added on for Denver clients for an additional fee! The artists I work with are incredible and I highly recommended adding on this service for the ultimate pampering!!

Will you post my images on your website or social media?

No! Consent is a REAL THING and is something I take very seriously. ​

Once you receive your gallery, you'll have the option to consent to having your images shared. Your images will ONLY be shared once you have signed a consent form!

I'm so awkward in photos. Will you help me with posing?

OF COURSE!!!! Most clients come to me without ever having been photographed professionally, so don't you worry!!!

I will guide you through EVERYTHING and I will even demonstrate every single pose for you on the day of your session!

Can I bring a friend with me to my session?

At this time, friends/partners are not allowed to attend your session with you.

Friends/partners end up being a big distraction and ultimately will compromise the experience I aim to provide.

If you have any safety concerns, please email me at and we can talk more about it!

Can I bring alcohol to calm my nerves?

Being nervous is understandable, but NO ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED prior to your session or during your session. ​

Be intentional, be present and choose to feel whatever you feel during the session. I'll be there with you to ease your nerves and trust me, we're going to have a great time!!

What is your typical turnaround time for photos + products?

We will schedule your Viewing/Ordering Appointment (this is where we look at your images for the first time!!) approximately 2-4 weeks after your session.

At your Viewing/Ordering Appointment, we will finalize the details of your order! Once the details are finalized, your products will be in your hands within 2-3 weeks!

Please be sure to plan ahead and choose your date AT LEAST 8 weeks before you need your photos back!

Will you remove my cellulite and stretchmarks in Photoshop?

No! We are ALL ABOUT that body empowerment, baby! We are celebrating and honoring YOU and guess what?! Stretch marks and cellulite are NORMAL!

As a general rule of thumb, I WILL remove anything temporary on your skin (anything that would be naturally healed or gone within 2-3 weeks, such as minor acne, bruises, abrasions, etc.). Stretch marks, cellulite and the shape of your body will NOT be Photoshopped.

Is the studio a private space?

Yes! The space we use is private and secure!

Will you help me choose outfits?

YESSSS!!!! I am SO HAPPY to help! Your session fee covers a one-on-one Wardrobe Consult via Zoom and in your welcome guide, you'll receive some resources and information about choosing outfits!!

At the beginning of our session, we will sit down together to go through what outfits you brought and we will choose the final outfits together!

I've got you, Queen!!!