Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to post my images on Instagram?

No! Consent is a REAL THING and is something I take very seriously. ​

Once you receive your gallery, you'll have the option to consent to having your images shared.

boudoir photographer denver

Do I need modeling experience in order to book a session with you?

No way! In fact, most clients come to me without ever having been photographed professionally! ​

I will guide you through EVERYTHING and I will even demo every single pose for you! 

boudoir photographer denver

Can I bring alcohol to help calm my nerves? 

Being nervous is understandable, but NO ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED prior to your session or during your session. ​

Be intentional, be present and choose to feel whatever you feel during the session. I'll be there with you to ease your nerves. 

boudoir photographer denver

Is the studio a private space?


There are several studio options in the Denver metro area and ALL of them are private spaces!

Can I bring a friend with me to my session?

Due to COVID-19, no friends are allowed to attend your session with you. If you have safety concerns or other concerns, PLEASE reach out to me! Your safety and comfort is a priority to me!

I think I need help choosing outfits.

Can you help?

I am SO HAPPY to help! In your welcome packet, you'll receive some resources about choosing outfits and you can always reach out directly if you have specific questions!  

At the beginning of our session, we will sit down together to go through what outfits you brought and we will choose the final outfits together!