What To Expect At Your Boudoir Session

What To Expect At Your Boudoir Session

Prepping Outfits

Wear whatever YOU feel best in! Here are some GENERAL things to consider while shopping:

STICK TO neutral colors (think earthy tones, blacks, whites, tans, or deep/rich tones like maroon, navy blue, or evergreen.)

STAY AWAY FROM teddies, robes, or pieces that are too big or too small, etc.

A one-on-one Wardrobe Consult is available (via Zoom or text) for EVERY client!


If you aren't quite sure what style you'll like, I always suggest ordering a few different styles well in advance of your session so that you can find something that you feel best in!!

It is CRUCIAL that you order outfits well in advance of your session so that you can try them on BEFORE your session! I want you to be CONFIDENT in what you're wearing, which means you need to plan ahead, order in advance and try everything on in advance!

When in doubt, bring MORE outfits than we'll need! We will go through them together and choose what one (or what ones) you'll wear in your photos!


Some amazing lingerie companies to consider ordering from:

Golden Aura


Adore Me

Thistle and Spice

Honey Birdette




Love Vera

Oh La La Cheri

Tutti Rouge Lingerie

Hips and Curves


Prior To Your Session

HYDRATE before your session! Increase your water intake in the 48 hours prior to your session so that your body AND skin are nice and hydrated!

EAT before your session! Boudoir is A LOT of WORK and you are going to need to be fueled up and ready to move around a lot!

STRETCH before your session! You'll be moving around A TON and your body needs to be ready for that!

Wear loose fitting clothing to your session to avoid lines on your body from jeans/bras/etc!

And don't forget to wear chapstick (if you're opting out of wearing lipstick)!!!

The Day Of

The day of your boudoir session has finally arrived and NOW is when all of the FUN happens!

We'll start by laying out all of your outfit choices and making a final plan for what you'll wear and when!

Then I'll give you a BIG pep talk where I cover how I approach boudoir, posing, and what you can expect from me!

Next, you'll put on your first outfit, I'll put on a REAL good playlist and we'll get right to it!!!

And don't you worry for a second about posing because I offer EXPERT posing guidance, I demo EVERY. SINGLE.POSE. for you and I do all the work FOR YOU!

We'll go through a series of poses, change your outfit a few times and just have a real good time together!

You can expect your session to last 60-90 minutes!

Same Day Reveal

Immediately after your session, you'll take about 90 minutes to go treat yourself to lunch while I prep your amazing photos for you to see!!

You'll come back to the studio after lunch and we'll sit down together, look at all of your beautiful photos and finalize your product order!!

If you did NOT do a Pre-Session Payment Plan, you will be required to pay for the product and/or Collection of your choice IN FULL at your Same Day Reveal.

The average client spends $900 - $4,200. Monthly Pre-Session Payment Plans for up to twelve months (before your session) are available for every client!

Payment Plans start at just $249 a month!

Can't wait to see you in the studio!