Listen, we need to talk...


Boudoir is SUCH a special experience and I know that choosing a boudoir photographer can be very overwhelming. And the truth is, there are A LOT of inexperienced photographers out there who have no business offering boudoir.

I know, I know. It sounds harsh and maybe even a little mean. But I REALLY care about the experience of boudoir and I want you to choose someone who is going to give you the best, most empowering and uplifting experience possible!

So, here are my top five non-negotiables for choosing a boudoir photographer:


1. Body Representation, Diversity and Inclusion

When you look at their work, do you see bodies that look like yours? Do you see different shapes, sizes, colors? If not, RUN.

2. Google Reviews

Pay attention to what other people are saying about their experiences! If the photographer is not sharing client reviews and you can't find any reviews online, move right along, friend.

3. Communication

Are they communicating professionally? Are they reliable, transparent and thorough throughout the booking and prep process? This really matters. Don't let this one slide.

4. Trauma Sensitive

Are they creating a courageous space for you? Are they prioritizing your experience, your overall comfort and safety and your consent? (If you've never thought about this before, please consider how crucial it is for you and your images to be protected)!!

5. Posing Guidance

You shouldn't have to worry about a damn thing when it comes to posing. Ever. Can you image how awkward it would be if you showed up and the photographer said “Okay, go ahead and start posing for me”. As my 8 year old niece would say, CRINGE. You want someone who will pose you from head to toe in every single pose. This will make you feel SO much more comfortable and confident during your session! TRUST ME. 



And in case you're wondering, YES, I prioritize all of these things for my amazing clients!! 


Boudoir is so fun and so powerful and I want YOU to have the best experience possible! Use these tips to help you choose the best of the best, because that's what you deserve!!

If you have ANY questions about boudoir or what to expect, please feel free to reach out! I'm here FOR YOU, my queen!!!

Can't wait to see ya in the studio!



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